About us


Najlepszy bal patriotyczny w Polsce

Values are the strongest driving force of human action which is why we chose the finest as our own. Christian ideals and values are at the core of our everyday work, in our business and social activities. On top of that, from time to time, we organize retreats for business people.

For the past five years we have been building an ecosystem for Polish entrepreneurs who are proud of being honest and adherence to Christian values. That is why during our meetings we spend couple minutes reading classic texts on spirituality to supplement our professional activities. We also invive guest speakers representing NGOs and charities to tell us about their work.


Konferencja o biznesie z wartościami

Primary goal of our meetings is increasing the turnover of participant companies. We meet to find new connections and sign new contracts.

There is more to what we do. CBN gives us opportunities to develop new skills through weekly seminars of members and invited guest speakers.

CBN meetings help entrepreneurs in building and nurturing business relationships which helps them to grow stronger and deliver internal satisfaction and external results and success.


Urodziny Towarzystw Biznesowych

According to Pierre Bourdieu, networking is an art of building network of supportive connections helping to grow all forms of capital from cultural, through social to financial ones. Interacting with other professionals stimulates and inspires. New connections enable signing new contracts and find new clients or subcontractors.

Networking is linked with holistic self-improvement, opportunity to serve others and benefits from getting support from Members. Our major strength is in the connections each Member has.

Marka Towarzystw Biznesowych należy do Gnyszka Fundraising Advisors, firmy założonej przez Macieja Gnyszkę.

Jesteśmy grupą specjalistów - praktyków zajmujących się budowaniem relacji z Darczyńcami oraz Mecenasami. Naszym celem jest udzielenie wsparcia organizacjom pozarządowym, by te działały jak najefektywniej. Wszystko co robimy, rekomendujemy, doradzamy, zostało zweryfikowane naszym własnym doświadczeniem, które nieustannie zdobywamy od 2010 roku.