is serving others and asking them for help in a professional way.

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What is Networking all about?

Conservative Business Network is a chain of networking clubs for entrepreneurs, managers and freelancers from miscellaneous industries. Our weekly meetings enable referrals exchange and provide a training and promotional platform for companies. Trust is something we hold dear and we are very diligent about Members selection.

Each meeting follows the same fixed agenda:

Start: 07:00 AM

  1. 1st open networking session – lobby
  2. Reading from classic texts on spirituality
  3. Member company presentation / seminar / guest speaker presentation
  4. 2nd networking session including individual presentation of each participant’s business
  5. Referrals exchange

Seminars are given by both invited experts and CBN Members. Meetings agenda includes breakfast. Participation fee (payable in cash, standing order or via bank transfer) in the UK is 13 GBP.

Why is it worth my while to join the Conservative Business Network?
What am I paying for?