Fees and priviledges

Step 1. What shoud you do to get to know Conservative Business Network? Attend our networking breakfast!

Everybody is welcome to join our networking breakfasts as a guest twice with no obligation of submitting an application. Participation fee is 30 PLN.

Step 2. What shoud you do to join CBN?

Membership is open to successful applicants who filled in the declaration, had it verified and paid annual membership fee. 

 Membership fees:

  • 2500 PLN (plus VAT) – Warsaw, Lodz, Lublin,
  • 2000 PLN (plus VAT) – other Polish cities.

From 2017 the membership fee in all cities will be 2500 PLN. Don’t postpone your decision! Reduced annual fees are only available until end of the year.

Networking breakfasts attendance fee for members is 25 PLN.

Is it a lot?

Absolutely not. Joining CBN is an investment you can make significant returns on that are much higher than the membership fee. Paying for the annual membership is only expected after you have successfully passed the recruitment and had your details verified. 

What are the benefits from being a CBN Member?

+ Networking

CBN networking sessions are based on trust and recommendations from people who have been carefully selected – other CBN Members and invited guests. At the heart of our values is inviting only those business people who are honest and professions.

+ Connections all over Poland (and beyond)

Our Members have exclusive access to a web of trusted connections in major Polish cities.

+ Community of goals and values

Members and their families are invited to attend integration meetings to promote atmosphere of collaboration and community of values.

+ Membership Card giving access to discounts and special offers.

Concierge service

+ Seminars

CBN Members have an exclusive opportunity of participation in unique seminars on PR, marketing, investment finance, business culture, negotiation, international trade, among many other topics. The seminars help in development of managerial skills as well as mastering effective and successful presentation methods, e-business, time management, etc.

+ Dedicated seminars (free of charge)

CBN Member may attend all dedicated seminars for free

+ Discounts on events held by CBN including in particular:

-      Annual conference on business based on values Live and prosper

-      Annual patriotic ball Night of freedom

-      Other events including retreats

When and how can I join?

You are free to decide to join us any time you wish. The only thing you should be aware of is the limitation of industry representatives in each separate group which is why delay in your decision can result in rejection of your application. Contact President of local group to join us or attend an open meeting.