How can YOU join us?

CBN Members say that weekly meetings changed their organizations. The numbers speak for themselves – over 80% of Members stay with us after their first year of being part of the Network and the number of loyal Members is rising each year.

Who can join CBN?

CBN is a place for those who value fairness, reliability and transparency in their personal and professional lives. We are a group of professionals who expect the same from other people.

What should you do to join CBN?

Membership is open to those who passed recruitment having met with a board member of local branch, verification of information provided in application form and wiring annual membership fee.

Decision to join can be made any time. The only limitation is linked to the number of industries represented in a given group which is why you should not delay your decision because your competitor may join us before you stopping you from benefitting from being a Member. 

Contact directors of local groups to join or attend an open meeting as a guest.

You can participate in our meetings as a guest twice with no obligation of submitting an application. Attendance fee is 40 PLN.