Companies who trust us:

Andrzej Filipiak

CBN provide a unique mix of things that seem to not to go along – running a business, pro bono activities and personal (including spiritual) growth.

Andrzej Filipiak - NORTON

CBN is the place where one can work with people who share similar values and are willing to support each other both professionally and in their personal lives. 

Wojciech Suda - KAIZENDO

I recommend CBN because it is simply the place for business people to be. Thanks to CBN I grow my network of connections and strengthen my belief that business based on values will not only last but will also prosper.

Joanna Świerkula - PRACOWNIA SYNERGII 

Bartosz Chyczewski

Increased comfort of running a business knowing I can reach out for help or advice from professionals from nearly all industries.

Bartosz Chyczewski - HOGAR

CBN is a group of entrepreneurs with shared values. I recommend joining in to everybody looking to expand their network of connections.

Agnieszka Pałasz - EL MUNDO 

It is worth one’s while to be a part of CBN because the organization brings value to individual’s life. Meetings with trustworthy and reliable people mixed with positive atmosphere are extremely important in business.

Emilia Wątróbka - PERFECT DAY

Maciej Trojanowski

It’s the best place for both beginners and seniors in business. I find here support, inspiration and new contacts.

Maciej Trojanowski - MT SOLUTIONS

Great relationships and values helping to grow capital.


Being a part of society where I have a feeling of belonging based on the fact we can trust each other and rely one on another with certainty of the services being delivered at the highest possible quality.

Bożena Ciosek - legal counsel

CBN gives me an opportunity of meeting fellow business people with whom we share values and who are interested in their work making a difference rather than merely bringing profit. It is an inspiring place of people who are active not only in the businesses they run.

Lidia Chlebicka - Patent Counsel BRANDPAT

CBN attracts valuable entrepreneurs supporting each other. Everything worthy of growing – deserves to be nurtured.

Irena Kasperowicz-Ruka - Warsaw School of Economics